1. the branch of philosophy that deals with the first principles of things, including abstract concepts such as being, knowing, substance, cause, identity, time, and space.
    1. abstract theory or talk with no basis in reality

So all of us if not most of us have had those moments of deep, self-reflective, meditative thought, right? Where nothing in the world matters, but at the same time everything in the world matters? Maybe you’ve spaced out and transported yourself to a location mentally where the practical concerns to be had in the real world are no longer important; bills, politics, hunger, thirst, chores, errands, and other more superficial worries are thrown off the boat, and you begin to consciously or subconsciously pose to yourself questions about yourself, about abstract ideas that aren’t necessarily necessary or have a purpose.

Or maybe they do have a purpose, maybe we’re getting in touch with a side of ourselves that’s beyond the superficial, beyond what we’re told should be of primary concern in this world. Now, I’m not telling anybody to just give up on what are considered as the “important” things in life; don’t stop paying your bills or walking your dog or taking pictures of you walking your dog, that’d be ridiculous. I’m only saying that, maybe there’s a higher purpose to thinking and conversing on a more deeper, discerning level with one another. Maybe that’s something this world lacks on a human level: Individual’s who care to engage in more intimate, introspective conversations with one another.

And this is something that everyone has the capacity to do. There’s a whole study within the field of cognitive psychology that focuses on something called metacognition. Simply put, it’s essentially the distinct ability that only humans have of having thoughts about their own thoughts. It’s a very interesting phenomenon that occurs as a result of self-reflective metacognition, a fascinating realization that we simply are. The realization that we physically exist in a physical environment, we can move something and change it’s location in time and space, we can say things to other people who can actually comprehend our words and be effected by them, we can meditate on our purpose in life, on who we are and who we’d like to become, on our past and on our future, and all of the little, hypothetical, yet significant topics in between. We realize that we live in this physical universe with other human beings who live their lives in their own perceptive worlds that we’ll never get to experience because we can’t be anybody else but ourselves. But can we get close?

This realization about one’s own existence and their significance in time and space is the foundation, I think, of metaphysics. And when we express this internal anomaly with others through deep, meaningful, reflective conversation, we connect on such an intimate and human level that goes beyond what we know or superficially see or understand about one another. Because at that point, we’re just sharing compatible energy and positive vibes with the other person. All judgements are done away with, there are no superficial criticisms, no forced impressions, or putting up a false pretense. It’s you in your sincerest form, discussing what matters the most to you with someone who feels the same. It’s as if you don’t even see another person at that point, you’re not looking at another person, or for anything in them, you’re not even externally aware of yourself or your companion, you’re both just vibing. You’re taken out of this physical world, so to speak, and are interacting in your own realm of shared enthusiasm and passion about whatever subject you’re both invested in.

It’s no secret that there’s an energy that we give off and subconsciously detect from others. It’s that energy that draws us closer to one another. I just think people are too aloof and distracted in the antisocial world that we live in today to subconsciously take advantage. But I do believe that people connect on a level beyond what we can superficially see, not romantically, but dynamically. It’s almost like each person has an unseen aura that can only be felt when 2 or people are compatible, but isn’t noticed or given any kind of cognitive attention, it just simply results in complex, profound, discerning conversation. That’s getting metaphysical.

What do you think? Do people connect on a nonsuperficial level? What do you like to have deep conversations about? Discuss in the Community Blog Comment Section below!

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