Conquering a Theme Park

20170130_111655Sup everyone!!!! Theme parks are without a doubt a great way to spend your free time with family and friends. But have you ever thought about taking a theme park trip to the next level?  Here are the rules necessary to conquer a theme park! Are you up for the challenge?

1. You must buy a season pass and the parks season pass lanyard. Its necessary to be able to save on admission. Conquering a theme park takes time and dedication.

2. First official rule once inside the park is you must get on all rides. With the exception of rides that require fees which in most cases arent listed as park rides but instead added attractions or rides in which you arent allowed to get on due to height restrictions. This is where you take everything to the next level. Every ride from the smallest to the biggest! Make sure youre able to get on all rides before taking this challenge. Have your park map ready and start marking/crossing off the ones youve already gotten on!

3. Purchasing the parks exclusive season refill bottle is also a must! Please do so on your first trip to make sure you stay hydrated all season long!

4. Collecting is also part of your journey! Purchase the pressed penny collectible book if available and start hunting down all of the pressed penny machines! Theme parks offer a big variety so keep a keen eye out for them! All pressed pennies must be collected.

5. You must eat at least one time at one of the parks restaurants. Many great food choices including exclusive foods are only available in certain parks so make this special!!!!

6. Visit all shops in the park and maybe grab a souvenire😊 (not mandatory).

7. Last but not least use your time to explore the parks entertainment! If youre visiting a park with a stunt show or other performance in the season, please take your time to check it out! And youre all set! Please be aware that conquering a park takes time and dedication! So plan ahead! And may the force be with you!👍😉

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