Movies Becoming More Recognized as an Art

Oh man, the beauty of movies. Yea it’s a great pass time and all that, but obviously there’s an immense art behind filmmaking. The idea of having a message to share, or a story that needs to be told, or even just an interesting concept that can be creatively developed by pointing a camera and recording simulated situations, emotions, and actions, is such an amazing ability. And knowing that these recorded fantasies or recreated incidents will be seen and either enjoyed or criticized by others is a part of what makes film making an art.

And that’s probably the most profound part about writing and making movies, the influence you can have on others. There have been movies that have subtly and beautifully brought awareness to a particular issue in our society that needed to be dealt with. There have been others that have, through satire, exposed political discrepancies that exist in our world. A lot of movies just provide an emotional and refreshing escape for an audience. Just imagine being able to do that for a second, especially if you’re an aspiring writer or film maker, being able to transport people to another place, another time, to incite and to stir emotions, to cause contemplation and concern, to lift a person up, or to completely break them down, all because of something that you created.

Of course, filmmaking is an extremely subjective art form, obviously. Because it’s such a popular pass time, it’s probably the most judged and criticized. In our modern society, if you make a series of great films, you’ll most likely become recognized and the crowds will eventually hoist you on their shoulders and chant your name, but, no guarantees. However, if you make one bad film, just one stinker, you’ll be oppressed, harassed and shunned. There has been an extremely high demand for quality movies over the passed decade, with more and more audience members, millennials in particular, becoming more strict with their standards for what a “good” movie is. It is no longer enough for people to just turn their brains off for a couple hours and just accept what their given. Cool costumes, special effects, slap-stick comedy, these things just don’t cut it anymore. People now want to be engaged on a higher level every time they engage in TV or movies.

And I think it’s cool that people are becoming high minded in this area. People are paying more attention to the details of the craft, and I’m finding more individuals who are more engaged in the Hollywood world, beyond just actors. I don’t think there have been as many people in their late teens and early twenties as there are in this day and age who actually have favorite writers, directors, cinematographers, composers for movie scores, etc. I mean think back to just 15, or even 10 years ago; who cared about who or what was behind the camera of their favorite movie? I think this recognition is very refreshing, making movies, touching hearts and imaginations, is truly an art, one that is no longer underrated.

What do you think about movies becoming more popular and their quality being in higher demand? Share your thoughts and discuss with others!


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