What Are “Vibes”?

Yet another mark of modern culture that I seem to be ranting about. You must be thinking that there’s actually an old man writing these blogs at this point, under the guise of a clueless, anxious 21 year old. You’re right either way. But I actually have more of a positive biased leaning with this subject. Now, I could be intellectual with you guys to start this off, this is a very dense topic, I think, and it’d be nice to approach it from a practical standpoint first, then share my own abstract, horse crap views on the matter. But I feel so strongly that this is something that could only be viewed conceptually, that I’m going to skip the technicalities and move straight to my horse crap.

“Vibes” is a term coined by just about every millennial living and breathing today. Everybody wishes “good vibes” to one another, claims to have “positive vibes only”, only hangs out with people that they can “vibe” with. Most social media bios announce good vibes, and most claim they can feel either good or bad vibes in someone they’ve just met. What exactly is meant by all of this?

Well, first off, allow me to speak in behalf of my contemporaries. Generally speaking, when people use the term, they’re universally referring to positive emotion. It’s as simple as that. Positive thinking, optimistic philosophy, giving spirit, idealistic perspective, progressive thinking, cheerful disposition, humble confidence, selfless love, nonjudgmental spirit, enlightening thoughts. This is what usually surrounds the use of the word vibes. The thing is though, this term, this idea, is so commonplace, so stretched out, overused, clichéd, standardized, that its deeper meaning, its true significance and important place amongst human connection, is diluted and forgotten.


So beyond its surface meaning that everyone normally leans on (which of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with, I’m not trolling here), what are vibes? Well I mentioned human connection. I believe that people connect on a level beyond what we can physically see, and that this connection can even transcend what we feel emotionally. Vibes can connect people metaphysically; they can cheer a saddened heart, can cause deep corroborative thinking, bring the unlikeliest of people together, all without words or any superficial or even nonsuperficial judgment whatsoever.

The easiest way I can explain this for myself, is using myself as an example that reflects just one of the ways in which vibes work. I have friends (believe it or not) who I can very easily talk to, which is what friends are for right? And when you think of friends, how you make friends, most would describe the process of gaining companions as meeting people who share mutual interests and who you feel good being around. Simple. But what I’ve noticed about myself, and this applies to everyone, is that I’ve met people who I have everything in common with, I mean we liked the same movies, music, sports, girls, food, clothes. But till this day, put me and this guy in the same room, and we can’t get past “Hey man, what’s up?” I’ve experienced some of the most awkward of encounters with the people who I always thought I should have gotten a long with the most.

On the other hand though, I’ve experienced the exact opposite with people who I have absolutely nothing common with. Different taste in food, music, entertainment, you name it. But put me in a room with this person, all laughs and deep talk, hours feel like minutes, the conversation is refreshing and fulfilling, we’re vibing with one another.

Vibes are such an important part of instinctual connection and sharing positive feelings metaphysically. What’re you guys’ thoughts on vibing with others? What does it mean to you? Am I just talking out of my butt again? Share your thoughts below!

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