My (Mis)Fortune- A Poem by Jessica Vaughan**FEATURED ARTIST**

I have a story

so hard for me to tell,

about the time I could have lost everything,

but even worse, myself.

I’m not proud of this time

but I’ve learned from my mistake.

I now sleep happy

And smile when I wake.

 My day started out great

but eventually fell.

That was the day

I walked into Hell.

My life changed so quickly

with one tiny little drug.

However, it seemed harmless

but its smile, so smug.

I ran into this guy,

and he told me to sit.

He gave me a joint,

and I took a few hits.

It suddenly controlled me

and told me what to do.

I knew my life would change when

It screamed, “I’ll destroy you!”

It took over my life,

but worse, I let it.

I lost my sanity

after that first hit.

I wanted to quit

and let my body heal,

but I went back to see him

and he sold me a deal.

It definitely got worse –

dirty needles and all.

But he came back again;

Who else could I call?

On the way to the nurse,

the bright lights were blinding.

I passed out at the wheel

and my car was still winding.

Eight people got hurt

but not my baby in the back.

If I kept this going,

I could never get him back.

So I cleaned myself up.

It really wasn’t easy.

I’m all sober now,

and been keeping busy.

I did this for me,

and I’m glad I succeeded.

I stepped up and

got the help that I needed.

I was once screwed up

but I’m all better now.

What fortune did this

and please tell me how.

This was my doing.

I set myself free.

And now I realize…

my fortune is me.


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