“Love At First Sight”- Is The Energy That Exists Between People Instinctual?

So if you guys follow our podcast or have at least listened to last week’s episode, you’ll notice that the episode is named after Kaela forcing me to debate, which she knows I hate, but once I get into to it I get into it. During the episode, we were on the subject of vibes and how they influence us and how they connect people, which I wrote a little about on a previous blog article.

But when it comes to connection and people clicking with one another so to speak, I mentioned that I believed that this was unintentional, unnoticed, subconscious and instinctual, while my (stubborn) co-host Kaela felt that it is not possible for people to be guided blindly into relationships and that we feel that connection and that energy with a person that we hit it off with.

While I agree with my (obstinate) co-host, I do feel that what she describes is still very surface. Yes we feel a connection and positive energy when we meet someone and whether or not we have anything in common with them or not, their presence and conversation is mutually refreshing and uplifting. That’s what it means to vibe with another person, to feel unjudged and mutually engaged in verbal bonding. I agree that this is directly felt.

But what I feel is instinctual, what I believe to subconsciously influence us beyond our recognition, are how vibes can link us with people mentally and emotionally without our even having a bearing on it. We’ve all had that feeling of meeting someone for the first time and feeling like you’ve known them forever, like you were meant to be brothers, or sisters, or even romantically paired together forever, almost like love at first sight. That’s because there’s a harmony taking place beyond what our eye can see, what we can mentally process, and before anything that we can emotionally feel. So not exactly love at first sight, but the concept is more plausible than you think.

I mentioned an anecdote that very well explains my theory during that podcast episode. I explained that a while ago, I met a dude through some mutual friends that I thought I was getting bad vibes from before I met him. However, I felt very inclined to introduce myself to him and was excited to do so. As it turned out, this man who I had originally misjudged, is hands down the sweetest, kindest man that I know. Why was I inclined to meet him? What overcame the reluctance to do so at first?


I could romanticize about this all day, and honestly one does have to have an sentimentalized and metaphysical mindset to really understand it. But I believe that there’s even a science that proves my theory. I’d tried to explain it on the podcast, but I wasn’t, and am still not, lettered enough to do so. Now that I’m blogging about it, I have the chance to actually do research, which I did very briefly, and then went to get a taco. Before that taco run though, I went through the internet and even some of my old college notes on psychology, and got just enough information to explain myself.

Our physical brains operate with electric patterns and neurochemicals. Upon sight, touch, smell, hearing, and taste, these chemicals and snaps of electricity are stimulated, released, and affect various other functions within the brain. Most of you already know this. And many have tried to support the argument of “love at first sight” using the science of how the brain is profoundly stimulated by sight in particular. And that is a part of my argument, but it can’t end there, because looking at someone and being mentally stimulated maybe even beyond our understanding of what’s happening in our brain, just doesn’t justify possibly spending the rest of your life with someone you’ve just met, although, sometimes it does work out.


But going beyond that, what most people fail to think about after understanding how the brain functions in this regard, is that these functions aren’t protected. What I mean is, while all of these electrical explosions and chemical spills are happening in our brain at an exponentially high rate at every second, our skull, skin, and brain tissue itself, are the primary elements that encapsulate all of these occurrences, but they aren’t enough to keep the electrical currents and chemical waves from being broadcasted.

I believe that we all have a mark, an aura, a distinct ambiance, an intrinsic culmination of our own individual pheromones, chemical balances, brain waves, even emotional makeup, that each one of us gives off and picks up from others all the time without even knowing it, that instinctually attracts us to one another, or repels us, and it all happens way beyond our comprehension. It’s not something that we can physically, mentally, or emotionally control or recognize. But it manifests itself in our behavior and how well we vibe with others. When we harmonize and link with someone else on such a chemical, electrical, physiological, and cellular level, connection then becomes an instinct. So is something like “love at first sight” possible? Theoretically yes, but we’d never know it.

What are you guys’ thoughts? Do you believe in love at first sight? Are the connections we make with others or the lack thereof instinctual? Please share your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on ““Love At First Sight”- Is The Energy That Exists Between People Instinctual?

  1. But sometimes that ‘love at first sight’ isn’t real because i don’t feel that it’s possible to ‘love’ someone once you see them. Love is more of a term that is developed after quite some times, and shows deep affection for something. Through all psychology theories possible dug up anywhere, i still don’t think that the human brain immediately ‘loves’ something when only the eyes have taken in what the object is. Because ‘loving’ involves more of the heart, it has to get experience and feel the connection with whatever is being loved which triggers the reaction in the heart, then only considered as ‘love’.

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    1. Thanks for commenting! I completely understand your point of view, this is an argument I get a lot to this theory of mine hehe. I do believe that love must be developed over time, but I also believe in a vibe or energy that can exist between two people that bring them together without their even realizing it. So it may not necessarily be love at first “sight”, but a person can affect us on a chemical, psychological, and instinctual level to the point where we have a deep connection with them subconsciously, whether it be romantic or platonic. So it runs parallel to the theory of love at first sight, but accounts for more chemical and metaphysical factors involved between people 🙂

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