Reality- Our Preconceived Perception of the World Around Us

Very seldom does any of us look at something and not know what it is. But knowing can be a very superficial mental process, simply because to know, sometimes means to not process at all. It’s like a reflex- we see a tomato, for example, but we don’t directly think to ourselves, “This is a tomato, it is red, and it can be consumed.” Even that would only be barely scratching the surface as to what is really there in front of us when one looks at a “tomato”.

To decipher how we perceive the things around us, let’s first try to define what “reality” is, first from an academic standpoint. Simply put, the technical description of reality can be summed up as “the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them” or “the state or quality of having existence or substance” (I searched for those definitions on Bing cuz I are a professional blogger). The concept of reality can be described in an infinite amount of ways and has entire academic studies and courses surrounding it.

But normally, as seen above, it has pretty rigid annotations. Reality shies away from concepts outside of the physical universe and focuses on things as they are. The problem with that is, it creates a fixated idea of what things are. Most individuals think that that’s obvious, what is is and what isn’t, isn’t, that’s essentially the law of reality, what’s real exists and is tangible and/or evident, anything outside of that is abstract and non-concrete. That’s all true, but such notions counteract the very point that they’re trying to interpret.

The idea that things exist as they are, only emphasize the fact that we don’t necessarily “know” what anything is. Of course, you can hold something like, say for example once again, a tomato in your hand and say, “Dorian, you audacious, contemptuous clown, I hold in my hand a tomato, we’re both looking at it, I can feel it in my hand, so it exists, it is a reality, you pretentious jackass.” And you would be right! But what qualifies it as a tomato? You only know it as a tomato because that’s what you’ve been told. You don’t understand or know anything beyond the reality that you’ve been given.

The same concept applies with all things that exist. As we look around us, none of us think about what validates what are realities in our minds. What we see as normal or abnormal has all been taught to us. Therefore, we do not decide for ourselves what things are, how they are, or for what purpose with which it can be used. It’s very simply a matter of not “thinking outside of the box” due to a preconceived notion of the world around us.

This forced preconceived perception hinders our ability, not only to truly take control of the world around us, but even to reach our full capacity as human beings in our own right. We have these very deeply ingrained, mentally intrinsic hindrances that hold us back because we are told what is physically possible or not, or what is reasonable to think or not, or what is scientifically plausible or not. We see the world how we are taught to see the world, and even ourselves. Therefore, we impose limitations on ourselves and the world around us.

Can this cycle be broken? Can someone tell themselves that they can fly and actually lift off into the air to defy the “laws” of gravity. I don’t know I’m just a dude writing a blog. BUT, we can all keep an open mind, and see that all things are relative and subjective, and try to convince ourselves that in many cases, reality is simply what we make it. What are your thoughts? Am I crazy? What is reality to you? Please share your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Reality- Our Preconceived Perception of the World Around Us

  1. HIGHLY AGREED!!! I’ve thought of this before, but not as in depth as you 😂😂
    No you’re not crazy, and it actually makes sense! It also explains why animals do not perceive the world the way we do, or at least that’s what we’re told. Also, many human beings think that they are superior, but why do they think so when others do not see them that way? It’s all about the reality they put themselves in, which is of an entirely different situation from others’ minds. It’s also all about their surroundings. If they grew up of a high social status, they’ll think they’re better than others. If they grew up being despised and bullied, they’ll think that they’re worse or not good enough.
    Really agree to this post!!!

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    1. Thanks so much for commenting! That’s a very profound thought that’s exactly how I think of people. We’re inevitably affected by our environment, such as our upbringing, and that creates a perception of ourselves and the world around us that most of us choose to accept. Very good point my friend! 😀 Thanks again and I’m glad you don’t think I’m crazy lol!


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