Movie Review: LIFE

Life is a science fiction horror film directed by Daniel Espinosa. It takes place on an International Space Station, and focuses on the discovery of a biological organism they found on Mars. They name this “alien” Calvin, after an elementary school on Earth that students were chosen to name. As the story progresses they find out Calvin isn’t the innocent life form, or the simple life form they thought he was at first. He turns out to be a very intelligent, and advanced species. Once they realize this it’s to late, they must now figure out how to contain Calvin, or kill him.

What I personally liked about this film is that they weren’t trying to make a basic “alien movie”  film that we would expect to see. Instead they made it so that it would seem like this would be the steps and process that would potentially really happen if astronauts found a life form from another planet. They tried to stay as grounded as possible, while still adding that fright of an alien movie that we all love. I believe that they did a god job in achieving this.

The performances were good, all the actors in this film were on point and made you believe their fear. Especially Ryan Reynolds in a particular scene (Which I wont spoil). Jake Gyllenhaal also did good, but I expected more from his character. Even though he is basically the main character, he didn’t captivate me as much as he usually does in his other roles. Calvin, the alien, was well made. The CGI did not look fake, they did very well in making it seem believable, but also just his overall appearance, Calvin looked unique and didn’t seem to much like a copy of another alien movie.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. It had me on the edge of my seat for most of the movie, and didn’t seem overly based on fiction. I would recommend this film, it’s a fun movie to watch with friends and it’s quite entertaining.



Have you seen Life? If you did, did you enjoy it? and do you think they portrayed the discovery of possible alien life accurately? Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comment section below! We love hearing from you.


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