Music Review- StarRo

A lot of people today would agree that DJ-producers have been on the rise. This could be due to the rising and ever constant need for uniqueness and variety on the part of music fans, and DJ produced music lends itself to such deep and dynamic variety. Techno, house, dance, electronic, dubstep, trap mixes, and more of the like have been in significantly higher demand, as they are very anomalous, compelling, and charismatic forms of escapism for fans of music.

It doesn’t make too much sense to review an artist that many have not heard of outside of doing so with the purpose to recommend said artist to fans of the respective genre. If you like DJ mixes that are electrifying, fun, and full of soul, yet uniquely charming, emotional, and touching, I highly recommend you check out Tokyo native music mixer starRo, who has only seen a municipal amount of fame in just the past few years.

I came across the artist while attending a concert in LA. StarRo was opening for a math rock band also from Japan, a band me and my friends are huge fans of. Despite the amazing performance of the headline act, me and my companions still debate with ourselves as to whether starRo was actually the best performance that night.

To relatively and with individuality assess the talents of a DJ, I feel it’s fair to evaluate the respective artist in three areas:  Creativity, Consistency, and Familiarity (how unique the artist’s music is in comparison to more popular, common, “basic” compositions). I’ll give a rating in each of the fields out of five “stars”


Solid 4/5 stars here. Usually creativity is measured by how many risks are taken consistently within a body of work. Playing it safe makes an artist susceptible to relying on what he and/or what their audience is familiar with, which we’ll talk more about later. But interestingly, starRo’s creativity doesn’t necessarily sprout from him going where no man has gone, but rather how he enhances the catchiest of beats and sounds and adding a very unique charm and seductive spice to them, which lends to re-listen value as well as very dynamic and subtly intense sounds and arrangements that at hard to find amongst other DJs. Sometimes, starRo even simplifies the music he remixes, and it somehow enhances the quality, which shows how good of a feel he has for the emotional intent of a given song. A great example is his remix of the classic “Are You That Somebody” by the Queen of Urban Pop herself, Aaliyah. StarRo does less with regards to beats and sounds than the original song does, but the bewitching charisma he adds to it is haunting and fetching.


Easy 4/5. A common problem amongst DJs is after a while of composing songs, particularly after favorable response from audiences, the artist’s songs all begin to sound alike. Of course, we don’t want our favorite artists to change their style from what we know and love to something that conflicts with their identity. But we do want variety from the artist at the same time. Finding that perfect balance is what I like to call “Artist Consistency”.  StarRo knows exactly what feel he’s going for with each song he produces or remixes. He finds the personality of the beat or song, and fleshes it out with often simple, yet very alluring and provoking supplemental sounds that are oh so sweet and amical to the ears.


3/5 stars. Is starRo basic? Not necessarily. As mentioned, his beats don’t get too complex, I’d like to hear him take a few more risks and rely less on flirtatious basslines. It seems like I should taken points away from his creativity for this, but once again, I think what he does without doing “too much” adds to his creativity. But a lot of the musical and rhythmic themes he uses I’ve heard may times before, but once again, this is a testament to his ingenuity as a DJ.

Final Review

It’s fun, fetching, alluring music with a very simple yet unique charm that is sure to get you dancing and in your deepest feels. StarRo has a very sharp and discerning comprehension and feel for music and what any given song should be, especially slow jams and R&B. While he doesn’t take that and necessarily run with it, he does explore the personality of every melody he does or revisits. A great DJ without question.

Suggested Playlist For First Time Listeners

Are You That Somebody Remix

Anytime, Any Place Remix

Bout You’

YAMS ft Masego

Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind ft Alcorgo

Making Love

Relapse ft One T

Do You Still Want Me


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