Poetry of Thought

Clichés For Days


Hey there friends! Here we are, back for another round of Poetry of Thought. Today I have the very special privilege of reviewing a poem by a local artist here on Apt. 113, Jessica Vaughan! I don’t personally know Jessica, but from her poem that I’ll be talking about today, I really wish I did! It’s called Clichés For Days, and I’ll be talking about what I personally drew from the poem, how it made me feel, and what I think the poet is trying to say or what she is conveying in her writing. The wonderful thing about art is that there are so many ways to interpret it, and we are all going to perceive things differently from each other. So having said this, I cant wait to meet her so we can talk about what the poem meant to her, as the writer and what message she was trying to share. But for now, it’ll be us and my thoughts. Let’s get to it!

Clichés For Days
By Jessica Vaughan

about ready to abandon ship
I’m all dressed up and nowhere to go
they say I’m as beautiful as the day is long
but I’m as insane as the idea of sanity
don’t beat around the bush
you don’t have to bend over backwards just to please me
I’m not the best thing since sliced bread
I’m just a normal kid
I’ve had the time of my life
time and time again
I’ve been hurt but
all’s fair in love and war
time heals all wounds
like Neosporin and a band aid
you say I’m beautiful
but I say
tread lightly
in the nick of time you’ll see
I’m not as beautiful as you make me to be


I like this poem. So. Much.

I think it’s powerful, and it has this amazing stream of consciousness feel that I really appreciate. The feeling this poem gives me is that of someone who has been put in a glass case, to appreciate their beauty. But there’s actually so much more to this person, and she dares you to find that out. She acknowledges the fact that she’s not a spectacle after all, almost pleading to be seen as she wants you to see her. The last five lines of the poem are by far my favorite, and admittedly, they took my breathe away when I first read it. Simple, relatable, and yet still impactful. That’s what those words are. Congratulations Jessica, you’ve written a heck of a poem girl! Those are just some of my thoughts on this poem, which I thoroughly enjoyed! I wanna know your thoughts and feels on this poem too! Until next time guys!

Treading Lightly,

Kaela Castro

Poetry of Thought

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