5 of the Most Iconic Sci-Fi Characters (Cinematic Universe)

In light of the slew of Sci-Fi movies new to big screens nowadays and even new iconic characters of the genre marked with science, fiction, and profound nerd-loving lore, we’ve decided to construct a list of some of the most legendary characters in the history of cinema, based on popularity, cultural impact, and widely recognized awesomeness. These are figures taken exclusively from the genre of Science Fiction, so action/adventure movie characters won’t count, sorry Indiana Jones..

1. Caesar, “Planet of the Apes” Franchise

Not only is the amazing, subtly ironic premise behind Caesar’s character, not to mention how awesome and dynamic of a character he is, captivating in and of itself, but the whole idea behind Caesar and all that he stands for and represents as an ape who wants to be respected as more, says a lot about modern culture and society in the world. Also, he’s an ape who learns to speak and ride horses, so, I mean, yea.


2. Aliens, “Alien” Franchise

Nothing incites more fear and feeling like the situation’s out of control more than these iconic, gory figures from the forever popular Alien movies. Even with interesting and strong (usually female) leads of most of the movies in this franchise, it’s always the aliens who steal the show, owning their unstoppable nature, and ability to terrify audiences in each movie.


3. Predators, “Predator” Franchise

An other-wordly, shadowy being that becomes its environment and uses advance weaponry and technology to systematically and thoroughly slaughter its prey? Nightmares, anyone?


4. Terminator, “Terminator” Franchise

Speaking of systematic killing, no one’s better at it than The Terminator. Sent back from the future with the ability to use advance tactics and nearly guaranteed strategy, The Terminator is programmed to fulfill its given directives, and will stop at nothing to do so. This character has made its way onto the screens and into the minds of many, with not only its iconic fear inspiring, cold, calculative mannerisms, but its legendary quirks in its efforts to fit in with its environment.


5. Darth Vader, “Star Wars Franchise”

The memorable lines, the unstoppable power, the lust for more, it all makes for the most recognizable, and extremely awesome sci-fi character. He’s ruthless, he’s criminal, he’s evil, and there’s nothing you can do about it. He rules with an iron-fist, and is widely recognized as the most popular of sci-fi characters, even by people who’ve never seen a sci-fi movie in their lives.


Who did we leave off? Who are your favorites? Who are some new characters you feel will be icons in the future? Comment below!

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