Sports/outdoor injuries

Have you ever been severely injured while having your spare recreational time? Injuries happen all of the time. Some are completely unexpected, other times theyre bound to happen from the start😨😵.   Sometimes they happen when we are having fun playing our favorite sports.  Some injuries can be easily treated and you can be back on your feet in no time while others are a lot more painful and serious that they may require heavy treatment and may take anywhere from weeks to possibly even years to fully heal.  Ive seen many bad injuries in my lifetime and can say ive also been in a few bad ones myself. Currently healing from a hard fall in a BMX race that fractured my left knee cap😖😲. Most injuries howhever can be avoided by using the proper protective gear/ equipment as in my case lol😅 so always remember to wear it. Even in the smallest of outdoors activities we are prone to accidents.  Humans have gotten into fatal accidents in sports that have speeds of 15 to 20 mph, so protective gear should always be a priority whatsoever. Whether you are a parent of an athlete, or a friend giving a helping hand, You can help make a difference by helping in raising awareness for wearing protective gear everytime a sport or outdoor activity is performed. ☺✌

What has been your worst sport or outdoor activity related injury?


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