Beauty of Photography

Photography is by far one of the most interesting and underrated forms of art. Of course nowadays it’s becoming popular, but that’s why it’s so underrated as an art form, many fail to realize that a lot of work goes into capturing life and moments. Any “professional” will tell you that lighting, angle, timing, depth of field, bayer pattern, noise, and DSLR are just a few factors involved when taking a picture the “right” way, thus deeming it as “art”, or at the very least “professional”.

This all being opposed to, in contrast, just pointing a camera at anything and snapping a picture. Or maybe it is that simple, perhaps what makes photography actual art isn’t dictated by effort or by what other people deem as “professional”. One can argue that most, if not all art forms are relative to the individual. Meaning, because an art form, such as photography, is an expression of an individual’s own creativity, how a person chooses to carry out that creativity in a given field of art cannot be generally or factually deemed as garbage.

Whether or not there is a line to be drawn between “professionals” who feel that they work hard for their craft and people who just enjoy capturing moments in time, I can’t say. But, it’s important to be positive and to enjoy things for what they are. Being able to, just as mentioned, see a moment that stirs your emotions enough for you to want to capture and save it, a moment that otherwise would run the risk of being forgotten and therefore lost forever, is an amazing, beautiful gift.

Perhaps the best part about that gift, about physically capturing a moment, is being able, not only to revisit a moment in time, but revisiting all of the emotions that were present at that particular time. Of course, that’s a cliché and drug out thought, but think about how you feel seeing a picture you took years ago, or a photograph that reminds you of a past time in your life. You suddenly feel displaced, you’re no longer your present self, your mind takes you into a completely different place, and how you felt at a certain time, who you were, is temporarily resurrected. You realize how much you’ve grown and how much progress you’ve made as a person. Every picture taken is a future introspective experience, waiting to happen. I LOVE that.

That’s the point of taking pictures, as is the case with all forms of art, to stir emotion, and to express creativity. Because photography is capturing external, environmental elements, it’s hard to say that it’s an expression of emotion, but it is certainly motivated by it. Whether it be happiness that comes from being on a spring vacation with friends, excitement of being married for the first time to the person of your dreams, pride you feel when someone you care about reaches a milestone in their life, or seeing something that aesthetically captures your heart like beautiful scenery or landscape, it’s all photography to me.


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