So we all know that nobody actually reads the “About” page on any site right? Like I realize I can put anything I want here and very few will actually read it. Like I sucked on my pacifier until I was around 7 years old and I only stopped because my momma stole it from me while I was sleeping and threw it away. Crazy right? Who even has a pacifier past 3? My Mom didn’t lie about it either she had no shame she told me she stole it and threw it away. I didn’t know how to react. I was 7. I missed my pacifier. Sometimes I still do.


So a few years ago I moved out with one of my buddy’s into the chillest little apartment, by far the coolest place I’d ever lived. But what really marked this time in our lives, what really made that apartment so special, were the interactions with friends, family, and neighbors, on such an intimately human level. Over meals, in our cars, on the porch, in the kitchen, on the couch, we’d have these deep, discerning conversations about self, existence, identity, time, space, any and every abstract concept that came to mind. It was refreshing to engage other people on such a human level. That’s why we’ll never forget our first apartment, apartment 113.

The purpose of Apartment 113 Studios is to create an interactive community of positive thinkers who enjoy art and discussion. We feel that people don’t engage each other enough on a positive, more sincere level. This is a place where deep thinkers, artists, fanboys, and anyone with any kind of passions to talk about their interests, share their thoughts, and engage in meaningful conversations.



So the primary media of Apartment 113 Studios is first and foremost our podcast, where we talk metaphysically about abstract topics on popular subjects that most people care about, including culture, lifestyle, media, psychology, music, movies, and sports.

Then we have our blog, which tackles many of the same subjects as the podcast but throughout the week. Visit the blog for top 10 lists, polls, movie and music reviews, and of course for those who want their brain picked, the weekly blog: “Metaphysical Journeys Through Introspective Experiences”. Follow the blog here or on Tumblr, and receive updates on Twitter.



The purpose of this website is to create a social platform that slows down the fast paced “scroll and like” appeal of most social media outlets, and encourages discussion. On the home page you’ll find various discussion pages, also found on the top of the each webpage on the site, namely Photography, Music Talk, Your Take On Modern Culture, Movie Talk, Nerd Community Page, and  Sports Talk. These are a few topics that we here in the studio love to write about and discuss and that we know are very popular interests. If there’s anything else you’d like to discuss we have  a miscellaneous page where you can discuss whatever tickles your fancy. Each of these pages has an open comment section where everyone in community will find topics to discuss with one another based on what the relative page is about. Topics in the comment sections are updated daily (most of the time. We get lazy).



Our goal is to also create this community around independent artists who may not be recognized for their work. This is a place for the guy who has a day job just to pay the bills, but works on his screenplay or music or paintings all night in his studio, and wants to talk to others who can relate to that. It’s also a platform by which artists can network with each other. Maybe you’re a writer and need an artist to draw for you, or a photographer looking for an editor to add to your photos, or need an opinion on your screenplay, or maybe you hit an artist block and need another creative mind to help with a few lyrics. That’s what Apartment 113 is here for.

We can promise nobody a launch to fame, but aspiring artists and deep thinkers need a place to go to share their ideas, their art, their passions, ambitions, struggles, thoughts, etc.. It’s nice be able to talk shop with others who experience the same struggles that we do in the world around us. And in a world where people are more to themselves than ever, there aren’t enough constructive, introspective, creative, or positive conversations going around.



We are also active on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. On Instagram, we have our catalog of photography, art, featured musicians/artists, and “Daily Discussions”, which provide interesting topics for discussion amongst friends, family, workmates, classmates, and neighbors. We’d appreciate a follow, at the very least you won’t regret it..



So whatever the case may be, the ultimate goal is for whatever community  that we build here to grow in becoming more positive, up building, discerning thinkers who hopefully enjoy what we do here and enjoy one another as they find other thinkers, artists, and just people to relate to. Please leave comments, send us your blog posts to be posted here, send us your reviews on anything you want, share your thoughts about the topics addressed in the site, we love other creative thinkers.

Be sure to email me if you read the entire “About” page, you may or may not receive a cool gift 😉 Happy thinking!

– Dorian Owens, CEO I guess? Apartment 113 Studios