Sports/outdoor injuries

Have you ever been severely injured while having your spare recreational time? Injuries happen all of the time. Some are completely unexpected, other times theyre bound to happen from the startūüė®ūüėĶ. ¬† Sometimes they happen when we are having fun playing our favorite sports. ¬†Some injuries can be easily treated and you can be back … Continue reading Sports/outdoor injuries

Poetry of Thought

Langston Hughes and his Blues Something particularly amazing about poetry is that it has the ability to actually transport you to a different time and place. It's like having your very own TARDIS, or time machine. With each word you make the journey in your mind, and the pieces of whatever scene you're reading all … Continue reading Poetry of Thought

Beauty of Photography

Photography is by far one of the most interesting and underrated forms of art. Of course nowadays it‚Äôs becoming popular, but that‚Äôs why it‚Äôs so underrated as an art form, many fail to realize that a lot of work goes into capturing life and moments. Any ‚Äúprofessional‚ÄĚ will tell you that lighting, angle, timing, depth of field, … Continue reading Beauty of Photography

Culture & Society in 2017 (Through the Years)

How would you describe our current culture in the world around us, starting with this current generation of "great future minds", most often referred to as "millennials"?¬† First, let's make a quick run down of former generations and decades and what marked their culture. So the 50s I hear was a great time, fresh off … Continue reading Culture & Society in 2017 (Through the Years)

Album Review: “The Unlearning Curve”

Post Death Soundtrack is a very interesting Canadien trio who supposedly¬†fall into the psychedelic rock, pop, industrial, downtempo electronic area of music. Kenneth Buck, Steve Moore and Jon Ireson started the band in 2007 on the idea that they'd create thought provoking, reflective, metaphysically complex music, an idea we'll talk more about later. The triplet … Continue reading Album Review: “The Unlearning Curve”

The Art of Expression- Reviewing HundredMillionThousand’s Debut Album

INTRODUCTION TO HUNDREDTHOUSANDMILLION So we've talked about the difference between art being a means to express talent, as opposed to it being a means to express one's innermost thoughts, emotions, and individuality. Many times an artist manages to accomplish both, but it is rare, being that sometimes emotions can crowd out the talent and leave … Continue reading The Art of Expression- Reviewing HundredMillionThousand’s Debut Album