A Poem Hey guys. It's been a hot minute since I've posted anything huh? I miss it lots. Things have been crazy busy, but crazy good also. Anyway, amidst it all, I was still able to write a tiny bit. I hope you like it. Everything: A Poem   I want a song for the … Continue reading Everything

Russell Westbrook v Kevin Durant- Taking Sides

Okay sports fans, here we are talking about one of the most popular headlines in the NBA. We all know what happened 0ver the 2016 off-season, it was the signing heard around the world. Maybe you expected 8 time all-star and arguably the 2nd greatest player in the league today to leave the Oklahoma City … Continue reading Russell Westbrook v Kevin Durant- Taking Sides

SOUND SPECTRUM – A Poem by Ray Flores

Human life and society is just as, if not, even more intricate than the most complex composition of music. You and I are nothing more than sheets of music carrying every musical note ever described. For more poetry, please check out my poetry account on Instagram. Enjoy!

Taking a Stand For Your Love by Kaela Castro (Poetry of Thought Series)

Can the sincerity of love be measured or even questioned based on how easily it is attained? We live in a time where romance is so heavily concentrated and socially expected. There are people of the current generation who feel like they've found love more than once, and more often than others. Would it be fair to assume that such individuals … Continue reading Taking a Stand For Your Love by Kaela Castro (Poetry of Thought Series)

Deeper Conversations Through Metaphysical Thinking

"..maybe there's a higher purpose to thinking and conversing on a more deeper, discerning level with one another. Maybe that's something this world lacks on a human level: Individual's who care to engage in more intimate, introspective conversations with one another."