OK so we all pretty much know that music is the greatest thing ever right? Music has always been extremely popular as an outlet whether one makes it or listens to it. But it seems to be especially trending amongst our current generation.

There will be PLENTY of blogs and discussions in the music category on the site’s main Blog page, and of course, we can all discuss it here on the main music page. We’d love to hear from you! What are your thoughts on the evolution of music? Why has music changed so much over the decades? Who are your favorite artists and why? Are you an aspiring musician, DJ, singer, songwriter, rapper? Talk about it in the comment section below with your fellow music makers and music lovers.


7 thoughts on “Music Discussion Page

    1. I think this is a great topic because it’s somehow complicated.
      It would be easier for me to give my thought in french but I’ll do it in english ahah ^^
      I’m convived that music is part of everyday life, of our identity and even of our History. Music can be a way of life, of thinking…What’s interesting is that some people listen to one or two types of music because they can find themself in these. Personnally I consider music as a life process, simply because I like so many artists and types, for each represents or reminds me of a moment, a place, a feeling, a scent or someone. That’s what I find magical in this Art, the power that it has to touch directly the deepiest part of myself.

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      1. Wow you’re English is great you did good haha! Oh my gosh I totally agree. You thought very deeply about this that is so awesome you explained it so well. Music becomes a part of who we are, it’s a reflection of the person we are and who we want to be. It represents periods of times in our lives, marks certain cognitive impressions in our lives. BUT, only if we’re sincere in our choice of music n’est pas ? Only if we pick music that REALLY touches us, music that we can truly relate to, music that we feel represents who we are, music we can really make our own, only then can we say that the music we collect is an accurate image of ourselves. It’s more than listening to music that sounds good. Of course, music has to sound good to us, that is very important, but more important is how we can relate to it, how it tells a story that we feel is our own 🙂


  1. Yeah!
    And you have to be proud of your choices and stand for it, even if they are weird or misunderstood ^^
    I can speak for hours about music, but there’s nothing we don’t know as you say in your introduction 🙂

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    1. Very very good point, when we own the music for ourselves to represent us, it’s not something we should be ashamed of or be afraid that people will judge, really good point.
      Yea same here music is such a great topic can talk for hours haha! Appreciate your thoughts!


  2. We’ve seen some major names drop some already popular albums the past couple years in the world of hip hop. Which is more flames? Why or why not?


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