Apartment 113 is made of people passionate and devoted to their various talents, and love discussing and sharing those talents with others who have similar interests. However, not only do we as writers want to share our talent and that of our fans with everyone to discuss, but we also want to use what we love to do as a service to others, and to support our projects financially.

Apartment 113 Studios offers the highest quality content for your website, blog, magazine, newspaper, and anything that requires tasteful content with personality and charm. We have journalists, poets, bloggers and writers that specialize in culture, life style, society, music, sports, and recreational interests. Our writers are experienced, professional, dynamic, and adaptable, and offer the highest quality available. Writing is one of our many passions! If interested, please Contact Apartment 113 Studios.

Our Services

For all internet content, we typically charge $25 per 500 words, but prices are negotiable.

For certain simple projects, such as those that require less than 500 words and/or a minimal amount of time, we are willing to help free of charge! We are very happy to use our talents to help others where we can! Please contact for more details.

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