Apartment 113 is made of people passionate and devoted to their various talents, and love discussing and sharing those talents with others who have similar interests. However, not only do we as writers want to share our talent and that of our fans with everyone to discuss, but we also want to use what we love to do as a service to others, and to support our projects financially.


Apartment 113 Studios offers the highest quality content for your website, blog, magazine, newspaper, and anything that requires tasteful content with personality and charm. We thoroughly enjoy the challenge of identifying the most practical, effective, and impactful way to write about any subject. We appreciate that it is necessary to be dynamic, adaptable, and unique in order to always understand what will captivate, entertain, and motivate readers.

We have journalists, poets, bloggers and writers who are experienced, professional, practical, and passionate  about offering content in various categories, including:

  • Culture
  • Life and Style
  • Society
  • Sports
  • Media Feed/ Social Media Management
  • Poetry
  • Local, Public, and Private Events
  • Reviews
  • Music
  • Movies and Television
  • Pop Culture
  • Scripts/ Screenplays

And any and all kinds of internet copyright content!

If interested, please Contact Apartment 113 Studios.

See pricing for services below

Our Services

The writers of Apartment 113 Studios are guaranteed to be cordial, punctual, and as convenient as possible with all writing tasks. We’ll try our best to make sure that working with us will be a pleasant experience.

Our writers charge based on two types of services which cover multiple categories: Internet Content, and Event/ News Coverage.

Internet Content

Quality online content for your website, blog, magazine, etc., including all of the categories listed above.
Articles: $25 per 500 words
Webpage Design/ Page Content: $20/ hour
Copyright prices also negotiable

Event/ News Coverage

Content for brochures/ pamphlets, upcoming private or public events, and reviews/ coverage of private or public events
Preview/ Invitation– $50
In-Person Coverage and Review On Your Website or Website of Your Choosing– $500 (Guaranteed 1500+ words, including interviews, story, pictures)
Have Your Own Personal Wedding Blog Created To Document Event– $1000
Contact For More Prices and Negotiations


Public Events
Preview and Advertisements– $50 for content| $10 per ad posted online by Apartment 113 Studios
In-Person Coverage and Review– $100/ hour for coverage| $25/ 500 words
Contact for other events and coverage


For other copyright, marketing, media management, and miscellaneous writing jobs, please contact Apartment 113 Studios for free consultation!

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