Mr Cadillac Fancy Pants”  is a podcast that combines arbitrary observations on life and culture, with whimsical humor from metaphysically minded, eccentric hosts. Laugh hard and think profoundly as your hosts take you through introspective discussions on thought provoking topics discussed over good vibes. Maybe you’ll learn something. No promises. But you probably won’t. Please follow us on SoundCloud at soundcloud.com/mrcadillacfancypants to keep up with all of the latest episodes and to listen to earlier episodes of MCFP and “Pillow Talk”. Nothing but love to our fans!

Season 2

The art of conversation can be as simple as two people intimately interviewing each other with the goal of learning more about one another, about themselves, and about life as seen through another mind’s eye. To start off season two of the podcast, the hosts interview each other about one other’s preferences, passions, metaphysical perspectives, and other fun facts, in order promote deeper interactions amongst our fans. Check out the interviews below!

Interviews, Part 2: Kaela- “What Is An Adult?”


In the second episode, hosts Dorian and Kaela interview one another about the meaning of fashion, whether or not someone can know what their passion is at an early age, whether or not there are feelings that haven’t been felt before on the emotional spectrum, what it means to be an adult, and a very deep and profound discussion about the definition of “emotional energy”.

Interviews, Part 1: Kevin- “Who Are We?”


In our first episode, Dorian and Kevin interview each other and end up tackling deep topics surrounding preferences, passions, life, and self. Listen along as we answer questions like: Is there any part of a person that never changes? Are we ever really ourselves, or are we always just acting how we’re taught to? How do we know when someone is sincere? Enjoy also arbitrarily comedic conversation between your hosts about toilet paper, superpowers, and embarassing stories.


Past Episodes



EPISODE DESCRIPTION: The very first episode of the fun, dorky, arbitrary, yet thought provoking Apartment 113 Studios’ podcast, “Pillow Talk”, a talk show that metaphysically and introspectively addresses interesting topics. This episode includes but is not limited to the following discussions: Why is discussion an art? What does metaphysical mean? What is deep conversation? And discuss with us and others topics under the recurring segments “Movie Minute”, where we discuss movie topics, suggest independent films, and review popular ones, and “Music Minute”, where we discuss topics on music, suggest independent artists, and dissect lyrics. Stick around till the end for the “Speed Round”, where we subjectively tackle topics like Sports, Popculture, TV, and whatever you guys suggest we should discuss. Enjoy!




EPISODE DESCRIPTION: In this very loaded and topically heavy episode, hosts Kaela, Dorian, and Kevin take on the interesting and expansive subjects of Society, Culture, and Gentrification, and engage in deep discussion on how society and culture is created and changes, as a mildly heated but entertaining debate arises between brother and sister co-hosts Kevin and Kaela on the influences behind cultural progress. Listen, think, and laugh as always to this very interesting episode of Mr Cadillac Fancy Pants

About The Hosts

Your hosts of the intuitive-driven podcast are every day millennials who enjoy arbitrary discussions about little topics, surrounding big areas of life. Deep thinkers like you with perspectives on life that are less comically unorthodox.

Hosts of the show alternate on a weekly basis. Check them out below:

Dorian Owens– Self-proclaimed amateur comedian, failed writer, beer enthusiast, and scatter-brained dog lover who rambles on about pointless subjects.

Ray Flores– Writer, independent music producer/ musician, positivity enthusiast, and an original contributor of Apartment 113 Studios with a heart of gold. Listen in on Ray’s episodes as he intimately dissects life lessons so that he and others can take away deeper meaning, while adding a special comedic overtone to every episode that he hosts.

Kaela Castro– Perky optimist, quirky metaphysicist, unique writer, amateur musician, and life and culture enthusiast with such a profound and particular perspective on life, art, and people that it will leave you introspectively rethinking everything you know. “Kales” enjoys puns, dancing, meaningful discussions, and crafting her bangs to perfection. Seriously, her bangs have super powers.

Kevin Castro- Kevin is tall man, a solid 8.9 in the face, a gentle giant who sees our world through a unique lense of innocent practicality and lovable intellect. He’s very book smart, but applies his wits to metaphysically profound philosophies that are sure to throw you into self-reflective introspection. Physically, we assume his heart is well, but figuratively, his heart is dangerously enlarged.

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    1. Hey thanks for the idea! There is actually A LOT of interesting info on that, I’ve never heard of that before and I’m sure very few people have :p I can’t wait to make this an episode. Feel free to hare your thoughts as well! 😀


    1. Ahhhh you’re right forgot to mention that on the show hehe thanks for the feedback! Yeah honestly that’s one of the primary elements that makes that movie relevant 🙂


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