Like comics, games, movies, science fiction? Let’s talk about it!

So we’ll eventually have to do a blog about what a nerd actually is and why being considered a “nerd” is becoming so popular nowadays. But until then can we just talk about how awesome nerd stuff is? Now I’m not talking about being just a fan of the ever so popular Marvel movies or merely owning the Star Wars box set. I’m talking about appreciating how deep and immense these various fantastical universes are. Of course, I’m not one to shame anybody, so if you’re not hardcore into comics or games or fantasy that’s totally fine, all are welcome this is a positive community. But the fact that there is so much to get into with these universes deserves our attention and praise.

PLEASE feel free to discuss nerd things in the comment section down below! Who’s you’re favorite hero? Favorite comic? Marvel or DC? Star Wars or Star Trek? Who’s your favorite Jedi? How do you feel about the new Star Wars movie? Are you a Jedi? Have you acquired the rank Master yet? What direction do you feel the gaming industry’s going in? Do you have a favorite game? gaming system? HAVE WE FORGOTTEN ABOUT TRON!? Talk with your fellow nerds below!!

2 thoughts on “Popculture

  1. Many of you Star Trek fans express that you much prefer Next Generation. Who would you cast if there were to be a modern cinematic adaptation? Who would make a good director?


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